Accidents on the streets of Kolkata..


Accidents are something which take place on the streets of Kolkata frequently. It is around 80 to 90 accidents that take place every day. These leads to chaos and a lot of problems for the common people travelling. When an accident takes place , maybe a wife loses her husband , a mother loses her child , a boy loses his father or mother and so on. There are no major steps taken by the Government to stop these accidents and moreover the loss of maybe a talented person in any field. So , after a few days common people would be afraid of getting out of their houses. Many young lads don’t care about the fact that accidents could take place and they continue their bad habits of rash driving and racing.

So we can say that accidents take place due to :-

  • Rash driving
  • Racing on the streets
  • Drinking and driving
  • Lack of concentration while driving
  • Listening to music while driving
  • Talking on mobile phones while driving

So the traffic police should me more concentrated on this things  and those who don’t obey the traffic rules nicely, they should be heavily fined and if needed should be sentenced imprisonment !!

So we should try to save as many as accidents from taking place and protest against violation of the traffic rules….. I have tried my best to spread this message through my blog post .


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